Mobile Mechanic UK FAQ

Frequently asked Questions

Visit the booking page. You can find this by clicking on the “booking page”, top right of your screen, or find one of our red boxes with “free quote” written on it. Once you have found the form, fill it out and hit the send button. An email will be sent to a local mechanic who will contact you within twenty four hours. 

On the booking sheet, you will come across a box called “area”, click on this, the towns listed are the areas we currently cover. Over time there will be more and more areas covered. If your area is not on this list, please do get in touch with us via email. We might be able to help as new areas are being setup all the time.  Check here for all locations

90% of all repairs can be carried out by mobile mechanics. All types of services, cambelts, brake replacements, exhaust repairs or replacements, timing belts, diagnostics and much more.

Yes, we will stamp you book after a service is carried out. We will also forward any service sheets filled out. Your service history will be up to date.

Our mechanics will leave the space as they found it. Protective sheets, spill kits and cleaners are carried around in their vans. Old parts, oils and filters will be taken away by the mechanic.  

The job request is passed on to the nearest mechanic. If they can do the job on the same day then they will. We do recommend booking in advance to be safe. 

We can come to your home, as long as there is enough room to work around the vehicle and the mechanic will need to be able to park his van close by. Also, we can come to your work, as long as there is room, but most importantly you must have permission from your work. We can take your vehicle away to a safe place and work on it there. Anywhere you are our mechanics will be able to sort something out to make sure your car is repaired or maintained.   

You can trust our mechanics to get on with their jobs. As long as you leave them a key you do not need to be present.

You will have the contact details of the mechanic. Contact him to arrange a new booking time. If you need to cancel a booking a refund will be issued. 

Our mechanics will keep you up to date on your booking. If they are going to be late, they will let you know by text message. We all want to make car maintenance stress free. If you have no contact from the mechanic, simply contact us using the contact page at the bottom,  your issue will be resolved as quick as possible. 

Our mechanics offer at least 6 months / 6000 miles warranty  . They cannot offer warranty on jobs where the customer has supplied the parts.     

The mechanic will explain why additional work is required.  No work will be carried out until you agree to it and have agreed a price.

Quite often you will require a diagnostic plug-in or a small job carried out. We charge one hour labour as a minimum. This is necessary to make sure the mechanics costs are covered. 

You agree a price and payment with the mechanic. The mechanic will take full payment.

The mechanics quote you from an industry standard labour rate. The price we quote is the price you pay even if the mechanic is slower or faster that the quoted time.