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Mobile Mechanic Barby

Are you looking for a Mobile Mechanic Barby Based service? We offer Barby and the surrounding areas the best quality car maintenance right on your doorstep. Literally. Click the below link to book your appointment today. Why should you trust us? Scroll down and read about our local service. 

Stress free car maintenance in Barby

Why would you want a Mobile Mechanic in Barby

Our Mobile Mechanic Barby service allows you to maintain your car without disrupting your day. Taking your car into Rugby or Daventry could mean you are stuck there while they work on the car. Do you need to be at home? Or are you going to be at work but able to leave the car behind? Whatever the issue, we will do our best to fit in to your plans and make your day that little bit easier. 

Barby is very close to Rugby Train station. When you commute to work on the train, finding time to get the car service might be difficult. Check out our commuter package and find out how we can take this problem away from you.

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Mobile Mechanic Barby Service: How we make your life easier

Living in a beautiful village has its drawbacks. Taking the car to a town garage can be one. You may have a days worth of defects that require rectifying. This could leave you stranded or looking for a way of getting home. Then you need to pick up the car later!! 

A mobile mechanic takes this problem away. They will turn up at the agreed address on time. There will be no need for you to be sat in a dirty waiting room. Simply carry on with your day in the comfort of your own home. 

What services do Mobile Mechanics carry out in Barby

Whatever it is your car requires, our carefully picked mechanics will be able to get the job done for you. They have all the equipment they need and all have modern diagnostic computers. Common jobs are detailed below.

Mobile Mechanic Barby
Popular service


Full Service

An interim service works well for those covering 20k mile per year or more. This service will be around six months from the full service. One service a year won’t be enough. Engine oil will lose it’s quality the more miles you do. This leaves expensive parts like the turbo at risk of failure. More importantly, parts do go wrong putting your safety at risk. So the interim is so important for high milers! 


The full service should be carried out at least once per year. Even if you don’t use your car too much, engine oil will lose it’s quality. As you can see from our check list above, all safety and mechanical aspects of the car will be checked. After a full service it is a great idea to have the vehicles MOT carried out. Our mechanics can arrange that for you too! 


You can customise your service. Either add on or take off items from the list above. Talk to one of our mechanics today and get your free quote.  

Mobile Mechanic Barby
Services and Repairs

There are so many cars out there needing repairs that are for sale! Make sure you don’t end up buying one. Arrange one of our mechanics to go view the car first. With prices starting form £50, it is worth considering this service when you think it could save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

The MOT is due once a year. You no longer have to worry about yours. We can email you when your car MOT is due. Our Mechanic will pick up your car and take it for it’s test. It’s a great idea to bring the service in-line with the MOT, as it brings with it cost efficiencies.   

You may have a warning light on the dash or a grinding noise from the brakes. Either of these warnings mean it’s time to get the brakes checked. The sooner the better due to the fact that you could damage the brake discs. Our mobile mechanics can easily replace brakes in most locations. Get a quote today.

The dreaded timing belt change. The car can often spend a day or more at the garage for a cam belt. If you have no idea when your car needs a new belt, our mechanics will be able to tell you when working out your scheduled service. If yours is due, our guys can come out to your house and change it there and then.

Is your clutch starting to slip or smell? If so get it looked at as soon as possible. This will prevent a breakdown. Have you lost all drive? A sign of this is that the engine runs as normal, but after selecting a gear and releasing the clutch, you go nowhere. Our mechanics can come out to your house to replace the clutch (depending on model, some models will require garage lifts). No mess will be left on your driveway and the hassle of getting the car to the garage will have been avoided.

Does your car struggle to start of a morning? Is the engine slow to turn over? Maybe there is a smell of egg coming from the bonnet? Or is there no life in the car whatsoever? Your battery may be on it’s way out. Book one of our mobile mechanics to come out and test the battery. 

We live in a digital age and your car is no different. If you have a fault or a warning light on the dash, there is no way around it. A diagnostic computer is needed. Our mechanic will travel out to you. They will find out what the issue is, then discuss with you what action is needed.

The alternator is the part that charges the battery. Usually if it stops charging, there will be a warning light on the dash. A little red battery symbol. If left, the battery will go flat and the car won’t start. We do not want that to happen. Tell us where the car is and we will replace the alternator causing you as little disruption as possible. 

The problem with the starter motor is the fact that it doesn’t care where you are when it stops working. If you can’t get the car started you could be stuck. Our mobile mechanics can replace the starter in many locations providing it is safe to do so. Home, work, service station or your gym car park! Our local mechanic will work out the best possible option that will cause you the least amount of stress.

When is your MOT Due?

Do you know when your MOT is due? We get so many jobs come through where the customers MOT has expired. Sometimes by months. Be sure to check when your MOT is due. You can do this by visiting the DVLA website. 

Are the Mechanics Local to Barby

The mechanics that cover the Barby area are local. There are a number of reasons for this. Mobile Mechanic UK prides itself on working with local talented mechanics. Also we don’t want them driving around wasting their time. Unlike a couple of other companies, we don’t send the mechanics too far outside of their areas. Consequently this helps keep unnecessary costs down to a minimum.

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How do I book my local Mechanic

Booking is made simple. Follow the below link to the booking page. Be sure to check out or packages. This could help us give you a more service. Fill out a form. All the fields required are marked with a *. Fill out as many fields as you can, your form is sent to a local mechanic. They will be in touch with some questions or a quote within 24hours.